Evening dresses

Dear Customers! Please note that products that are marked as ”UUS” or “New” are brand new, unused products, “Rent” means those can be rented

P012693 blue

XL, XXL (saabub juuli keskel)

011949 corall and blue-2

L,XL, XXL, XXXL (saabub juuli keskel)


46-50EU, saab tellida ka teist värvidest. Tarneaeg 1 kuu.

011949 corall and Blue

L,XL, XXL, XXXL (saabub juuli keskel)


46, 48EU (saab tellida ka teist värvides)

012312 Red

L,XL (saabub juulis)

DR0034 pink

36EU, saab tellida ka test värvidest. Tarne 1 kuu.

012312 black

L, XL (saabub juuli keskel)

Haven’t found your dream dress in our catalog? Leave us a message with a description of the dress, the size, the price category and the date of the wedding. If there is an approximate illustration, please send it to us also. Our consultant will contact You when the model you have described is available in the salon.